Friday, 18 July 2008

British Taxpayers funding Bulgarian Mafia

Bulgarian mafia have been looting EU funding designed to help one of Europe's poorest countries. According to the Telegraph, the EU is actually going to withhold a further £475 million. If the EU is so worried about corruption that it is taking action, you know it must be serious; the EU is itself so corrupt that the auditors have refused to sign off the accounts for 12 years running.

What the Telegraph forgot to mention is that when they talk about "cash worth £1.7 billion from European programme", that is our money they are referring to. Last year British taxpayers contributed £4.7B to be used as subsidies in other EU nations. That's £156 from every working person in the UK that is sent off to foreign countries, a substantial proportion of which disappears via fraud and 'looting'.

And what is this Bulgarian mafia that we are funding? According to the Times, there have been over 150 mafia assassinations since 2001. Brilliant.

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