Friday, 18 July 2008

Government funds Muslim thinkers

People who base their moral code on fairytales and ancient hokum are scary at the best of times. However, religion is a modern mental illness and we have been told that there shouldn't be any stigma attached to admitting to such illness any more. With this in mind, I welcome the Government's latest offering; a Muslim quango/think tank.

The difference between Christian mental illness religion and Muslim mental illness religion is that a minority of Muslims are psychopathic murderers or at least supportive of murder, violence and intimidation in the name of their 'religion'. Hence what we need is state sponsored direction of the collective madness.That's the great thing about people mad enough to believe this crap in the first place; they are also mad enough to fall for Government propaganda.

While I would normally cringe at the prospect of state social engineering, or the notion of my money funding some religious nutjobs to preach to each other, the prospect of perhaps reducing the level of violence for potentially a comparatively small cost has to be worth it. Think of it like an open asylum offering some cognitive behavioural therapy.

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