Monday, 14 July 2008

Operation Black Vote: reinvigorating racism in Britain

Today sees the announcement of a new initiative in Bristol to encourage more 'black' people to stand for election and to vote:
"OBV [Operation Black Vote] in partnership with Bristol City Council are pleased to re-launch the award winning Councillor Shadowing Scheme. Of Bristol’s 70 Councillors, 4 are of Black and Minority Ethnic origin. The aim of the cross party initiative is to ensure Bristol City Council has more Black and Minority Ethnic councillors."

This shadowing scheme aims to allow "ten individuals from BME communities who live or work in Bristol to shadow high level councillors from the three main political parties for 10-12 non consecutive days over a six month period". Just to highlight the point... Bristol City Council is supporting a scheme that only allows non-white applicants. Racism is alive and well in Britain.

You don't get rid of racism by constantly talking about race and actively discrimating against people on the basis of their race!

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