Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Chakrabarti attacks Asian MPs over support for 42-day detention; witness the inherent racism

In another backwards step for Liberty, the Guardian reports that Shami Chakrabarti has specifically criticised Asian MPs for supporting 42 day detention without charge. While we should all support the Liberty position on the 42 day issue, the idea that an MP's views on civil liberties should be tainted by his/her race is not only repugnant in its inherently racist presumptions but also undermines the whole concept of representative democracy.

'Asian' MPs are not there to represent asians. They are there to represent everyone in their constituency, regardless of ethnic origin. Why do these politically corect types seek to undermine racial equality in Britain by constantly bringing it up and using it as a political tool?

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The Invisible Author said...

I completely agree, good post.

I hate Shami Chakrabati.